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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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> he is one of the key figures into the investigation at penn state. >> and he still has his job. but mike mcquery, the man who says he saw jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a young boy will not be at the game. also this morning, the investigation into the mishandling of remains at dover air force base has widened. fox 5 morning news continues right now. now. take a look outside. already starting to see a little bit of daylight. it is 6:00 this morning. today, if you were into numerology, is a huge day. it is 11-11-11. it is also a friday and makes it a very good day for all of us here.
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we enjoy that. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> let's say good morning to tony perkins. i saw the sun coming up. >> we should have booked a new ulm rolling for the show today to tell us what it means. >> i wonder if it really means -- >> it means something in numbers. i don't know what. >> i hope it is good luck. >> we'll see what we can find out. >> let's take a look at what is going on out there. here are some other numbers for you. we know what these mean. it means it is cold out. 42degrees in washington. 39 at dulles airport. here is a look at the winds across the region. let's see. 10-mile per hour winds in the district. they've been gusting up to 0. 15-mile per hour sustained wind at dulles. a breezy start to the day and it will be a breezy day all day today. your day planner looks like
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this. breezy, just like i said. cool, sunshine, high today only in the low 50s. that is all we'll be able to manage today. take a jacket with you. in fact, wear it. don't just take it. >> okay. thank you. let's check in with julie. >> good morning, you guys. if you are traveling around town, you will find your lanes are open on the top side of beltway between college park and bethesda. again, with it being a federal holiday, we are anticipating light traffic around the area. you will find lanes are open southbound 270 germantown out towards the split. outer loop of the beltway heading out towards the gw parkway exit, we do have incidents here along the right side of the road. heads up coming across the american legion bridge headed down towards the exit there for the george washington parkway. be careful. very light traffic volume rolling up on this at speed. here we are inbound new york avenue. nice and quiet northeast to northwest. kenilworth avenue is in good shape as well. don't forget, there was a change in that traffic pattern that occurred yesterday down at howard road. wrapping opportunity in
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virginia, 359 here at duke street. picking up a little bit of volume. no incidents to report. still doing the double nickel across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. an assistant football coach at penn state will not be at tomorrow's game because of threats against him. >> mike mcquery was a graduate assistant at the time when he told joe paterno about seeing a young boy in the team shower with former coach jerry sandusky. he did not tell police but he did testify for a grand jury. >> the one thing that stands out the most for me was a consistent right hand on my level left thigh as we were driving, as he is driving and i'm riding in the passenger seat t didn't seem to matter if we were going 10 miles down the road or we were going 30, it was a brief car trip or a long
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one. his hand would be on my thigh. >> yesterday, penn state alumnae received a statement from the interim president calling the allegations horrific saying, quote: te: onto some of another top stories we are following now. venezuelan intelligence confirmed yesterday the kidnapped washington nationals mayer wilson ramos was alive. his family remains quiet but they are awaiting contact from the abductors. the thought is there will be a request for ransom. ramos made the league minimum of $415,000 this season. the 24-year-old was in his home country preparing to play his winner season with his venezuelan team. president obama will honor the nation's veterans by laying a wreath at arlington national cemetery. the first lady will also be there. as we honor our veterans, there is more fallout in the wake of disturbing reports
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about drover air force base. the remains of u.s. service members disposed of in a virginia land fill. sherry ly has more. re. >> reporter: this is the second time in just over a year that the military has faced a scandal over mishandled remains. the fort time involved burial mistake here at arlington national cemetery and now the accusations surround dover air force base in delaware where america's war dead are brought home. the scathing report says that remains from those killed in afghanistan were lost twice. in one case, the arm bone of a dead marine was sawed to have fit into his uniform. the investigation by the office of special counsel began in may 2010. it found air force morticians improperly disposed of unidentified body parts. some of those remains pedded up in a virginia landfill. three whistle blowers reported the problems. secretary of diseafs leon panetta has now ordered an
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investigation into how the case was handled. -- secretary of defense, leon panetta. >> to determine whether there were management reprisals taken at dover against the whistle- blowers. this is a serious issue and as someone who voted for the whistle-blower legislation. the report called the mishandling of remains gross manage ms management. three supervisors -- gross mismanagement. three supervisors were discipline but no one was fired. new polling of a possible obama right-hand knee match-up shows they are nearly tied in three highly influential states. the poll looked at florida, ohio and pennsylvania. president obama has slight leads offer mitt romney in ohio and pennsylvania while romney leads the president in florida. since 1960, no candidate has won the presidency without carrying two of those three states. there is no more doubt
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about who will control the virginia state senate. it will be in republican hands. district 17 democratic incumbent ed houck has officially conceded the race to bryce reeves. reeves won by 222 votes. republicans already control the virginia house of gel gates, the governor's mansion and the trek's office. the "washington post" reports the gop hasn't had this much influence in richmond since the civil war. a soldier accused of killing unarmed civilians for sport. now, there is a verdict in the case. also ahead, it could create thousands of jobs and help cut american dependence on foreign oil. a plan to build this massive pipeline has been delayed. details when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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a soldier convicted of killing civilians in afghanistan for fun. 26-year-old staff sergeant calvin gibbs could spend the
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rest of his hive in prison for the killings. he was found guilty of all 15 charges for leading what prosecutors described as a a quote, unquote, kill team. three of his subordinates have already pled guilty in the case. manned moan yum breaks out at the occupy oakland rally in california. shots rang out and one man was killed. cameras captured the drastic moments directly after the shooting. protesters say the shooting had nothing to do with the occupy movement and did not involve any activists. police are investigating the incident. the state department postponed a controversial decision on the few tougher of the america oil independence. the keystone oil pope was supposed to take oil to the gulf of mexico. it could create 20,000 jobs but could pollute the environment. the obama administration decide to delay consideration of the project until 2013. coming up next, you may already be getting your
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thanksgiving shopping list together. we'll tell you how much you may want to budgeet for that feast. we'll check in with tony for your full forecast coming up. the weekend should be pretty decent. we'll find out more details coming up.  could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin's new smokehouse sausage breakfast sandwich with sausage from hillshire farm.
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just like everything else these days, the cost of thanksgiving dinner is going up. the american farm bureau federation says feeding 10 people with all the fixings will set you back $49. that is up $6 from last year. the biggest price hike is turkey. i should have said everything going up but paychecks. isn't that pretty much what is happening around country? >> right. >> you could save some money if you would like the burger and fries at d burger. in order to celebrate today's date, they are selling burgers
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and fries for 11 cents. >> here we come. >> eleven little pennies. it is only at the tinleytown location which is on wisconsin avenue and you do have to be at the restaurant by 11: 11 this morning. those are the rules. other than that -- >> who is going? >> that is perfect for people like us. we work early. so 11:11, a cheeseburger, that is a good lunch. i think i'm going to go. >> all right. >> can you make it down there? because all these people may be rushing to try to beat you down there. >> looks pretty good right now. >> a little chilly when you head outside and you step outside of that car. probably had the seat warmers this morning. i know i did. >> i did not. >> you did not? do you not have seat warmers? >> i do. >> rye to tough it out until it gets really cold. >> you don't want to overuse them. >> i use them as much as i can. >> okay.
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let's take a look at what is going o julie wright does too. >> yeah, like in august. >> i like them. >> here is a look at what is happening out there. it is veterans day and we say thanks to all of the veterans for everything they hey do and have done for us. a breezy day today. 41degrees is the current temperature in d.c. we've dropped off a little bit. 39 at dulles and in manassas. 39 in baltimore. 39 in fredericksburg. why don't we stick with that? out to the east, 43 in cambridge, 41 in stevensville. 39 in leonardtown. cold air. remember the last several days, we've been showing you it is cool here, mild here, it is cold everywhere. a cold front has come through. a pretty strong cold front that did trigger quite a few showers yesterday. more than i thought would be triggered. but it has left in its wake cold temperatures. 33degrees right now in
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pittsburgh. sentinel radar sat lied or as we appropriately call it, the satellite-radar showing you the rain is long gone t will be a decent sunrise this morning. it won't warm things up as that cold air is now in place. the forecast for today looks like this. we are hobbing for a high of only about 52 degrees. that is well below normal. mostly sunny skies. winds blustery. -- we are looking for a high of only about 52 degrees did. many of you will be in the low 30s tonight outside of town. the best thing about the five- day forecast, the weekend. how about this for perfect -- people always talk about the weekend is always crazy. saturday and sunday, low to mid- 60s. good a sunshine and then monday and tuesday, we get some rain in here, mild temperatures but rain showers. so the weekend is perfect. that is a look at what is happen worth. now, let's go to julie wright
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and get an update on traffic. >> thank you to you telling all my business, i've been getting a lot of interesting tweets this morning. >> i'm sure you have. >> just to clarify, that is why he made mention of the hot pants because i always drive around with my seat warmers on. >> that's the reason, okay. >> on the roads, the outer loop of the beltway at gw parkway, the incident right here on the service road off the road to the shoulder. very light traffic volume coming off of 270 headed south. an easy trip as well in the main line and the hovs headed up and as cro the 14th street bridge. the hov rules have been lifted in virginia and as well as along 270. -- an easy trip as well in the main line and the hovs headed up and across the 14th street bridge. no problems to report out of germantown along southbound
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270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the potomac river is in worse shape than ever before according to a new report from the potomac conservancy. it gave the water quality in the river a d grade. that is down from a d plus in its first report card five years ago. group says forest loss and forming upstream along with chemicals found in the river accounts for the poor grade. if you ride metro's green line, listen carefully. major track work will be affecting how you get around this weekend. the waterfront, navy yard, and cost y and congress heights stations will close for track work this weekend. there will be free shuttle bus service available. thank you, metro is on a saturday schedule for veterans rains day. that is today. the hours are still 5:00 a.m. until 3:00 a.m. but the trains will run less frequently than they would on a normal weekday. the federal government with the holiday today. >> true. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new
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york with details on a juicy deal for starbucks. another sign that christmas is around the corner. the salvation army has kicked off its red kettle campaign. the bell ringers will be out through christmas eve. if you don't have any cash to donate to the kettles, you can donate online. there is a link to do that on the best place for a vacation is mississippi. you mean louisiana. florida's where folk's want to be.
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starbucks is hoping it can do for juice what it did for coffee. more on that in a moment. first, let's check out the market activity and let's say good morning to lauren ?imenty with fox business network up in new york. happy, friday. good morning. >> good morning to you as well. >> a little better day for the markets. we would like to say they bounce back but when air down 400 points, tough to get aall back at once. >> very tough but we're working
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and moving in the right direction. the dow was up 112 points yesterday. here in the premarket, up another 60 points. jobless claims last week fell to the lowest level in seven months so yes, the job market is slowly getting better. we are seeing signs of it and also our trade gap with the rest of the world narrows. those were good pieces of economic news here in the u.s. also in italy, they will probably get a new prime minister this weekend and greece has a new prime minister as well. so all of those pieces of information really making bulls feel a lot better and your 401(k)s are looking a lot bet engineer a lot better than they were this time about 24 hours ago. that's for sure. let's talk about starbucks. it has been a great comeback story among themselves in the last year or two. but now expanding in the juice market. what is that all about? >> yeah, remember back in january, they changed their logo and they took the wordstar bucks coffee off of it? well, duh! that is because they are branching out past coffee into the juice market. they bought evolution fresh. it's juice company that is
6:26 am
actually by the same founder as naked juices which are sold currently in starbucks stores. so after buying evolution fresh, starbucks will put those juices in its stores and eventually maybe even next year open up its own separate juice bars. so it is a tall order in deed maybe even a ven attempt order if you get that. >> i'm picking up what you're putting down. >> the health food market is a $50 billion industry. we'll see in starbucks can do it. i love starbucks but i drink too much caffeine. i should go to juices. >> why do i have the feeling you will be the first one to test it out and let us know if it works or not. >> just don't want to spend $5 a juice. >> they made it work with coffee. maybe they can make it work here. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> see you again on monday morning. still ahead, we'll talk a little football. quarter back john beck heading back home, at least back to
6:27 am
where his former team is in sunny south florida. dave ross is here with our friday football forecast. first though, more fallout from the penn state scandal. officials reactioning to wednesday night's riots an a big announcement about saturday's football game. we are back in a moment with that and more at 6:27. t
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there was some good news for a girl scout troop target the by a thief. police have made an arrest. the suspect accused of stealing cookie cash from the girl scouts in maryland. the bowie police department is taking up donations now to help the troop make up for what it lost. >> that is just sad. >> that is sad. >> a sad story but a nice update. >> yes, it is. >> didn't we do a story yesterday or the day before somewhere else that somebody stole the girl scouts a money. >> that is low. that is about -- >> very low. >> our temperatures lower than
6:31 am
usual. >> very nice. very nice. >> oh, thank you. >> yes, indeed. take a look at what is going on out there. a cold start to the day. i'll start you off with sentinel satellite to show you we've got clearing skies. i'll step outside and see what it looks like. dave ross, alan, you've been outside lately? >> not lately. >> not right now. you got to work. >> 30 seconds, you can do it. >> i can tell by this the skies are clearing, things look good. going to have a lot of sunshine today. here are the temperature that sarah was talking about. right now, it is 41 at reagan national but we are in the 30s elsewhere. dulles is at 39. bwi marshall is at 19. forecast for today, breezy, cool, wind will blow up to around 20 miles per hour. maybe gust up to 30. that is what is happening with the weather. come up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the
6:32 am
weather guys. it is a fun question about pigeons. >> with really? >> yes. >> and you'll make it fun. >> we'll make it fun. >> i bet i ask the question, you will both say i kind of wondered that myself. >> i bet so. >> we'll look forward to that coming up in a few minutes. >> let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> i love both of your expresses. you are avery intently looking into tony as like okay. and sarah is going i don't think so. >> we'll make it work. >> they always do. it's always very interesting and i guess i neve thought about that. >> all right. pigeons it is. you will find it is nice and easy coming in on 66 leaving fair oaks headed towards the beltway. hov rules lifted in virginia today because of it being a federal holiday. the same for those on 270. all lanes open still at speed out of rockville headed for the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it was quiet at penn state wednesday night following wednesday night's riots. >> the students were angry
6:33 am
after trustees fired head football coach joe paternos some students broke windows, flipped over a tv van and clashed with riot police who sprayed some with pepper spray. pennsylvania governor tom corbett went to penn state to address the violence yesterday. >> knuckle heads. you have a passion? great. you want to demonstrate? great. you want to speak out? great. violence is a knucklehead. >> the form are graduate student would reported seeing former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in the shower is getting multiple threats now. he is now the wide receiver coach for the team. but word last night that he will not be attending tomorrow's football game. ton to some of the other top stories we are following today. the search for kidnapped washington nationals player wilson ramos. venezuelan intelligence confirmed yesterday that ramos
6:34 am
is alive. the 24-year-old was abducted at gunpoint wednesday while in his home country. officials now say they have police sketches of two of the alleged kidnappers and the car he was allegedly abducted in has been found. the thought is there will be a request for ransom but so far, no word from the suspects. president obama will be at arlington national cemetery this veterans day. later this morning, he will take part in the traditional wreath laying at the tomb of the unknowns. later today, the president and the first lady travel to san diego for the carrier classic basketball game. just in time for veterans day the senate passed a bill to help unemployed vets and government contractors. it would award tax credits to companies that hire disbe ad veterans and veterans who have been seeking jobs. house is expected to approve i ability next week and then send
6:35 am
it to president barack obama's desk. the signature would make it the first fragment of his job package to be enacted. the redskins taking on i ateam that saw just the first win of the season -- the redskins taking on a team that saw just the first win of the soap last week. >> if you lose this one, you go to 3-6. you would say the playoffs are done. the guys i talked to, said we can forget about playoff talk, forget about division talk. they have to focus on a way to get one win against a team that only has one win, the miami dolphins and wouldn't you no, john beck, this was a bit of a moment coming for you because you maid your first four games as an nfl starter in miami and lost all of those games. he started three games in d.c. and he has lost all of those. last week against the niner, he
6:36 am
missed some guys. there is leonard hankerson running free. here is gaffney. he is wide open. shanahan also said that john needs some help around him. that means offensive line help. you give him some time to look down the field. i asked john specifically on monday when he held his impromptu press conference what he has to do to try to get that first win. >> if you lose your confidence and what you're trying to do, you stand no chance of getting better. you stand no chance of fixing things. it is when you say confident, you put your foot in the ground and you say we're moving forward, that what is things can happen. right now, i believe that is what we're saying, we're putting our foot in the ground and we're staying confident ourselves. >> he is a very confident guy. he has not lost that confidence. so i still believe in them because they still seem to believe in themselves. here the team again, reggie bush going to the outside there against kansas city last week. they have a couple of weapons. not many to be worried about.
6:37 am
they do have brandon marshal and the backup quarterback that has been serviceable. miami, they are all about sun and fun. i don't think the place will be packed. i don't think it will be a hostile environment that the redskins are going into. i do thing they'll have a good chance to go down there and get a big road win and maybe get back on track if you can get a win. it's week to week league. you are 4-5 and you feel better about yourself. >> i would for the be surprised if hankerson has a good game. he. >> he looked pretty good last week. >> thank you, dave. we'll talk a little penn state as well next hour. it is time to talk about the movies. this weekend, comedian adam sandler getting all dolled up literally for his late film. kevin mccarthy is here to give us his take on jack and jill.
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we have an action fantasy and a cross-dressing comedy among the new features at the box office. >> how are you, sarah? >> i'm fine. >> always a pleasure to be here. thank you for having me. let's talk about immortals. what did you think about this? >> it is coming to you from the producers of 300. it is very similar in style. the director did a movie called the fall. he is known for his amazing cinematography and his visual style. now, taking on this story of a man who is chosen by the gods. it is just a movie where you are going to watch the fight see scwenss. the story and the script and
6:42 am
the plot is so incoherent. i just didn't follow what was going on. there was so much happening at once. that was pie biggest issue. any time in between an action see scwens, i felt like this was a bad movie. but when an action sequence started up, my jaw hit the floor. this guy has some of the best slow motion action sequences i've seen to date. the last 0 minutes are three acting things cut together. you are cutting back and forth between three different ask scenes. i was sitting there blown away. you are sitting there forgetting about any of the problems the film might have during the action sequences. >> you think that makes up for the not? >> i really do. if you are going to a theater and see a movie and you like silized action sequences with great cinematography, this is the movie for you. just don't expect a coherent
6:43 am
plot line. at very confusing. i gave the movie three out of five which means check out a matinee. they are advertising as a 3-d film. it was not shot in 3-d. don't be fooled by that. they went back in post- production and made it a 3-d movie. it dims the colors of the movie. you don't need to spend the money. >> let's talk about jack and yil. >> what happened to adam sandler. >> when i hear it, i'm like oh, it's an adam sandler film. what did you think? >> he is a dvd star now. >> i grew up on happy gilmore and billy mad i son and water boy. look at grown-ups. just go with it. i don't know what is going on in his let he'd. but he is making some of the worst decisions in hollywood right now. he was one of the funniest guys
6:44 am
ever of. >> he was great. >> now, this movie, essentially jack and jill, he plays both jack and jill. his sister is jill. she comes to visit every thanksgiving and tries to stay as long as she possibly k this time around, he actually needs her so he can move forward with his business. so alpacino plays himself in the movie. he falls in love with jill and he tries to use that relationship for his own business. you will see what happens in the movie. for some reason, i'm watching the movie, the first 30 minutes, absolutely dreadful. painful to the point where i was like what. a doing with my life sitting here watching the movie and then the movie started turning into a heartwarming comedy and they put some good scenes in this and i started laughing a little bit. but the end result was just why watch this this theaters? it is a perfect dvd release. i just don'ten that anybody needs to waste their money. it is pg. >> so kids can go. that is the thing. >> you see kids in the movie but is it -- >> lots of parents have been
6:45 am
tweeting me. can i take my kids to see jack and jill? >> yes, if i was a an 8 or 9- year-old, i would think this was the funniest movie. if you want to see a cross- dressing movie, go see mrs. you out to the fire. i think that is the best one out there. robin william, we'll have him on next week. i love that movie. >> that is i great movie. >> i give this a two. i would rent it. don't waste your $12 to see it in theaters. whatever. i thought it was a waste of time. >> you interviewed real quickly we want to mention some of the stars from j. edgar which opens nationwide today. >> it opened in d.c., l.a. and new york on wednesday, seven cities and now it is going nationwide. if you couldn't find it earlier this week, it is now wide. i also talked to leonardo dicaprio as well as clint eastwood. can you check my interviews out or tweet me. >> what was your number on that one. >> i gave day four out of five. i thought the movie wasn't as good as the perform ans. it is a little slow, a little
6:46 am
sloppy but the acting is unbelievable. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. kevin might have talked to leonardo dicaprio but i talk to tony and tucker every day. >> yes. >> every day, kevin. >> we've got it. >> he is so excited. >> he talked to clint eastwood. he has had a good week, no doubt. >> we've had a good week up until yesterday and we got the rain showers. the cool temperatures and this is going to be a cold one today too. let's look at our weather conditions. you heard c, now let's see the graphics. 41degrees in washington. but a lot of spots in the 30s so it is a cold start to the day. 36degrees up in frederick, maryland. 39degrees out there in martinsburg. fredericksburg also at 39- degree. 42 in annapolis. 43degrees right now in cambridge, virginia. here is a look at the wind gusts. now we've seen our sustained winds blowing up between 10 and
6:47 am
15 miles per hour. -- fredericksburg also at 39 degrees. 16miles per hour in quantico. 4 in -- 24 in baltimore. it will be a blustery day. here is a look at the satellite-radar. the cold front has come through. we have the cool are air moving in. we have more reenforcing cool air moving in. that will keep our temperatures low today and it will be cold enough for the lake effect snow machine to kick into gear. no worries here but up around the great lakes into western pennsylvania, portions of west virginia and western maryland, some snow will fall. here is forecast for us for today. mostly sunny skies, blustery and cool. high only 52 degrees. i think that's the degrees below normal. then for tonight, it will be a cold night with overnight lows in the 30s. 37 in town. low 30s outside of town under clear skies. five-day forecast, now, after
6:48 am
today, things get great. the weekend looks good. tomorrow, sunny, 61. that is right where we should be. average high for this time of year is 60 degrees actually. sunday, 64 degrees with a good am of sunshine. we get some rainfall in here on monday and tuesday the way things look right now. >> temperatures are definitely up there though. >> yes. >> that is a look at the weather. here he is, ladies and gentlemen, tucker barnes. >> good morning to you. >> it is time for ask the weather guys. >> he stole your line today. >> no, that's okay. we share. >> once in a while, i get it too, sarah. >> keep going. >> that is the fine segment where tony and i put our famously large heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. in our ever expanding effort to bring you only the methamphetamine relate vapt questions, today's questions
6:49 am
come from mindy badden. she writes i would like to know why pigeons bob their heads when they walk. rest of the body seems to move slowly. >> good question. >> i've seen them, that is how they walk. why do they walk that way? why do they walk that way into let me talk to my producer. are we ready? >> we'll phone a friend for this one. we'll talk with jenna cotyen and she is with the maryland zoo and specializes in birds. are you there? >> i am. good morning. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> where is the maryland zoo. >> the maryland zoo is right in the middle of baltimore. >> you heard the question. when they walk, their heads bob. >> it actually helps them see, believe it or not. >> it helps them see? >> how? >> it actually gives them rapid changes views of their
6:50 am
surroundings if you watch a video of pigeons in slow motion, will see their head is still for i second and then they bring their body to it and then they move their head forward and bring their body to it again. by keeping their head still, it actually allows the bird to get a better look at the world and see things more clearly because they can focus in on one spot for a longer period of time. >> couldn't they just fly somewhere and get a better view. >> they could if they felt like it. >> and this is the problem. lazy birds. >> really. >> would that work -- that is something specific to birds? we don't -- humans don't do that. >> i know a few people would do. >> you will see that in pigeons, chickens, quail. it helps them for seeing small moving objects that they want to eat such as shawl rosent or insect. on the flip side of that, it actually helps them detect larger moving objects that might be dangerous to them such as hawks or owls. because detecting movement while air actually moving is a
6:51 am
lot harder. the best way to do that is to stand still which is what they try to do even though they're moving, they are trying stay tuned still and get a better picture view of what is going on. >> interesting. >> it seems like it would be very frustrating for the pigeon. >> you would think. there is actually back in the 1970s there was a scientist that did an experiment to test the theory and quick disclaimer, i don't think anybody should try this at home. they put a pigeon on a treadmill. and to see if the pigeon would actually move its head with no movement around it because it was in a white room with nothing moving and it did not move its head because it had nothing to detect and nothing to see. >> interesting. >> is this scientist like five years old? >> thank you. it is fascinating. >> there is your answer. tucker and i never would have known that. we appreciate your calling in. folk, go out and check out the maryland zoo if baltimore. >> we would love to have you
6:52 am
guys come out. >> we'll do that. >> thank you, jen. >> we thought for our own amusement on a friday, we have the video of the pigeons moving around and they're kind of cute when they move with the bobbing head. we thought we would show that video and play some music to see if it looks like they're dancing. let's try walk like an egyptian. >> oh, it works. >> it works. >> i love it. >> tucker says -- or tony, you sawed you don't see people doing this. to this to -- this to me makes me think of julie out on the dance floor. >> and she's looking for food too, steve. >> let's see the pigeon video again with lady gaga, just
6:53 am
dance. >> a little off. i think egyptian. >> it is pretty booed though. >> the other one is better. >> we got to go. >> that is brilliant, tony. what a great idea. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to >> this is why you don't need dress rehearsals on live tv. you try things. >> some things work and some things don't. >> let's check in with julie wright who was hopefully doing a radio hit and not listening. >> no, i heard you. my neck goes like this. >> where is your mike? we need your mike? >> oh, my mike. oh, hold on, i'll get my mike. hold on. >> live tv gets better and better. >> i know. >> she ran to get the mike. >> who knew? here we go out on the roads right now. thank good's it's friday and we have light traffic volume out here. not a lot happening if you are
6:54 am
traveling up towards newington. the hov rules have been lifted in virginia as well as along 270. root here at the american legion bridge, traffic flowing freely on both sides of beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ic. >> all right, julie. thank you. coming up in our next hour, every mama needs a little me time. >> and this morning holly is at the perfect spot for a little r & r ahead of her baby's big arrival. we're back and we'll check in with holly after the break. for a great vacation you can't beat mississippi. sure you can, it's called louisiana. hang on, florida's where folk's want to be.
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america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air. good morning, everybody. happy friday to you. i'm holly morris. i'm talking to all you mommies to be out there and me. look. it's tough being pregnant. it's not easy. that's why you need to make sure that you take care of yourself and take time to pamper yourself and that's why we are here at the elizabeth
6:58 am
arden shop. this is why you need to make sure that you are in the best health possible. that includes massage. you need to make sure they are doing it the right way. we'll talk about other things, just to make you feel pretty, maybe get a manicure and pedicure. people who are not having a kid, that makes for a great gift as well. and then real quickly, a viewer sent me this. she makes wonderful gift baskets as a hobby. we'll talk to her about that. and we'll talk about eating while you are pregnant. you don't eat for two. you eat for maybe one and a quarter. >> holly, you are sporting that belt from your mommy fashion day. it looks very nice. >> i actually already had this in my closet but i never would
6:59 am
have worn it until i did that segment on friday. she said, you should wear a belt. >> great tip. our fan of the day. on this veteran's day, she says, god bless america and thank you for those who protect our lives and protect our ways of life. i ditto that. >> search the facebook fan of the day. that does it for the 6:00 hour. now let's send it over to allison who is joining steve. good morning. >> good morning, sarah, thank you very much. coming up on fox five. as the investigation into child sex abuse allegations continues, one of the key figures at the center of the investigation is being told away from saturday's football game and the fallout continues at dover air force base over the sloppy handling


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